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Embroidered Rug

Rugs to bring a dash of colour to your room

Ornate rugs or simple and clean

Choosing a Runner

Our Rugs

  • Runners

  • Persian rugs

  • Wool rugs

  • Sheepskin rugs 

  • Faux fur rugs

With different shapes, sizes and colours the range of rugs is almost limitless.

Use rugs to cover up, brighten up, protect and make a statement.

The range at our Ashbourne shop is impressive but the showroom at Matlock is huge!

Our range

A rug for every situation

Our suppliers are some of the most innovative producers of rugs in the world.


Many use specific fabrics and materials to really make your rug special.

Elliott carpets pride ourselves on helping you select the right rug for the right purpose at the right price.

Two Fabrics
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