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Our team make it look easy....

Fitting your carpet is the cherry on top

Floor Measurements

Why get us to do it?

So you have taken the time to select your perfect colour, texture and visualised it in your home.​

You can do it yourself of course but why not let us take the hassle out of it all.

We will measure your room or whole house if needed to ensure the perfect fit and advise on sizing.

We will arrange a booking date with you. Two days before your fit we will contact you to make sure everything is ready.

We can help you arrange furniture and we can take away the old carpets if needed.

All our fitters are our own team - we don't subcontract fitting out to others. We believe it's way too important!

We do stairs too!

They are more tricky that they look!

Bedrooms, living rooms, hallways and landings are pretty straight forward but the stairs are a different beast!

Carpet fitting the stairs takes skill and experience, particularly if you select a stripey pattern. Our teams at Matlock and Ashbourne are here to help.

Please....don't try this at home!

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